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The Neiman Marcus Direct Work From Program allows you to have more flexibility to do the things that matter to you. Here are some comments from Customer Care Associates who currently work from home.

  • "I love working from home as it has saved travel time, gas, mileage on my car, and wardrobe. Fewer distractions make it much easier to stay focused." - Sandra F.

  • "I never realized how much time I spent commuting. I actually have free time now." - Andrew S.

  • "This is a second job for me, and not having to drive to get to work saves me time and gas. I also get to use the extra time to catch up on rest if needed." - Marlo C.

  • "I can plan things better for my day because I have no pets or children running around making noise. I can go to lunch in my kitchen - so the 30 minutes seem like an hour vs. hauling in a lunch or standing in a lunch line." - Sherry R.

  • "It is a wonderful experience. I enjoy the quietness, lack of distraction, and ease of working in casual clothes." - David N.