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Getting Started

How long has the Neiman Marcus Customer Service Work From Home (WFH) program been in operation?
Since the Fall of 2006.

What are minimum and maximum required hours each week?
Customer care works a flexible schedule. This means hours could range between 16 and 40 hours weekly. Due to fluctuations of call, chat and email volume, available hours will vary. A constant 40 hours per week cannot be guaranteed.

What does it mean to provide a home office environment?
Your home office should be separate from any noise or distraction in your home. The Neiman Marcus work from home program is not a substitute for elder care, child care or pet care.

I don't have a personal computer. Can I still work from home? Unfortunately you must already have a PC that meets the minimum requirements before you can work from home.

Can I use a landline that I currently have?
You can use a pre existing landline, however it must not have call waiting, must be in the same work space as your WFH equipment, and you must be able to dedicate this line throughout the duration of your shift.

Does a cell phone count as a primary phone line?
Yes, If you don't already have a landline and will be installing one for the WFH program it is not necessary to have two landlines. You may count a cell phone as a primary phone line and a landline as the secondary.

What if I don't currently have a landline?
You must have a landline installed before installation is scheduled.

System Requirements

Can I use a cell phone or does it have to be a landline?
A cell phone would not be acceptable. You must have a landline.

Is there equipment provided?
In order to participate in the Work From Home program you must have a home PC with the following minimum system specifications:

  • PC Hardware
    • 1.6 GHz processor or better
    • Windows XP (all versions) Service Pack 2 or better with 1 Gig of RAM or better or Windows Vista (all versions) with 2 Gig of RAM or better
    • 1.5 Mbps down / 384 Kbps up Internet connection
    • Confirm that sound can be heard from the pc
    • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better
    • PC Microphone (soundcard or USB type is acceptable)
  • ID Access
    • Virtual desktop access
    • RSA Two-Factor Token
    • Domain ID with appropriate privileges
    • PBX extension login
  • Browser
    • Internet Explorer 7

What type of service provider is acceptable to use for high speed internet?
Broadband service type such as DSL,Cable or FIOS are acceptable with minimum speeds of 1.5Mbps Download and 384Kbps Upload (wireless not permitted).

Am I required to live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in order to work from home?
Currently, all Work From Home associates must live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area in order to qualify due to phone limitations. In future, areas beyond DFW will become available.

What type of phone line do I need?
A basic analog phone line is required. This line needs no caller ID, call waiting, or long distance with either the 214 or 972 code or the ability to obtain a metro phone line in which Neiman Marcus can call with out incurring long distance charges.

Can I use my VoIP telephone provider?
VoIP phones such as Vonage, Skype or cell phones do not qualify as a standard phone line and cannot be used.

Can I use a wireless phone or does it have to be a landline?
Wireless phones and wireless routers will not be acceptable in the WFH set up due to the lack of security they provide.


What is the duration and format of the training?
Currently, training takes place in our Irving, TX facility over a three week period. Weeks one and three occur in the classroom in an instructor-led environment. Week two is spent practicing on the phone with materials learned during week one.

Will I be paid while I am in training?

Is the training rate different than the regular rate of pay?

Is there an opportunity for me to train at home?
Not at this time. Online training is scheduled to be become available February 2010.

Do I need to already have my own equipment (computer, headset, etc.) prior to training, or will all the equipment be provided for me?
Equipment needed for training will be provided.

Is there an assessment during training, and if so, what kind? What is the minimum pass rate?
There is a written assessment at the end of each week of classroom training. This written assessment is "open book" and the minimum score is 75%. There is also an observation/assessment of telephone skills during the On-the-Job Training week.

Pay & Benefits

Please refer to our Benefits page.

How to apply

Check the instructions on the Apply page.